CannaVault™ Systems Inc. is a BC company developing child safe and contamination safe storage systems for the Canadian cannabis market in personal and commercial applications.

How it started
Buying and storing cannabis has come a long way since the grey market $20.00 ounce of Mexican, complete with stalks and seeds. Now one is buying 25% to 30% THC strains and paying up to $300 per ounce or more for it. A plastic bag just won’t do any more.

Several factors need to be under control to properly store cannabis and keep the volitile turpenes and cannabinoids fresh and potent.

Humidity levels are necessary to control when storing your cannabis so having a sealed place to keep proper moisture levels is essential but not the only thing. Moisture along with the oxygen in the container create an environment that any invisible mold spores could grow in. Oxidization also destroys essential volatile oils containing turpenes and cannabinoids, degrading the quality of your medicine.

The news was starting to report about children accidentally consuming cannabis, so security was an important issue.

With Canadian legalization on the horizon the CannaVault™ idea was created to solve this problem, when two friends from the heart of the BC Kootenays sat down one morning, just before Christmas 2017 and one says: “They use CO2 in the food industry for freshness, what if we could make a storage box using CO2, then it would stay fresh.” and have it controlled by a phone App which would add security and it went from there.
And now, a little more than 5 years later, the CannaVault™ system is being launched as an atmospherically controlled, secure safe storage system for cannabis.

CO2 has been a proven safe product to aid in the storage of perishables and is used extensively in the food and beverage industry. CannaVault™ combined that knowledge with sensors and a phone app, creating an indispensable household appliance for the new age cannabis smoker.

The CannaVault™ CVMini-S and CVMini-S Plus are made with a 16 gauge stainless steel outside jacket, covering over a 12 gauge stainless steel pressure vessel and sliding drawer.
When you close your drawer after use, a sensor reads C02 levels and if it is too high, CO2 will be released into the sealed container until the proper levels are achieved.

WiFi and Bluetooth technology along with phone apps has made it possible to join it all together. Open the unit thru the app on your phone, knowing it is safe from your children. Know that it is safe from mold contamination or possible insect contamination. Neither can exist in a low oxygen, high CO2 environment. The app will have many other features that we are we are working on for the future.