Harvest Max enters prototyping phase!

Harvest Max Prototyping has begun.
The CannaVault™Harvest Max” is being created with the home grower in mind who wants to keep their cannabis harvest stored so it will stay fresh and safe and secure until next harvest time. With a 4 plant limit for Canada and getting 2 to 2.5 pounds per outdoor plant, a 10 kg (5 kilo) harvest is not uncommon.

The legal cannabis industry is in its infancy and CO2 is a relatively new topic, even for packaging and cannabis storage before it gets to the consumer. Mold growth and degradation of quality have been major concerns, especially for long term storage for personal harvest.

CannaVault™ “Harvest Max” food grade stainless steel body helps to maintain consistent temperatures, eliminate light exposure, add sensors and CO2 to replace the oxygen and the “Harvest Max” becomes the ultimate product to store your cannabis harvest, keeping it fresh and secure from unauthorized access.

App controlled access and CO2 monitoring. Can be bolted to floor for extra security.
Inside dimensions 20” wide by 20” high by 16” deep.
Outside dimensions 24” wide by 23” high (27” rear hight) by 21” deep
(5 kilo / 10 lbs capacity)

CannaVault™ Deluxe Control Centre
The Deluxe Control Centre will be accessed by the CannaVault™ App which will connect with bluetooth speakers and wireless charging, making it an indispensable addition to the component system.
“It’s not Safe unless it’s CannaVault™ Safe” .

CannaVault™ Deluxe Model
The Deluxe model will combine the 3 modular models into one complete unit.
“It’s not Safe unless it’s CannaVault™ Safe” .