CVMini-S Plus


Keep your cannabis safe and secure from child access while CO2 eliminates oxydization of turpenes and cannabinoids and the possibility of mold growth.
Controlled and monitored by the CannaVault™ App!

Open your CannaVault™ CVMini-S Plus using the CannaVault™ App to sample the contents and when you close the unit a sensor inside will detect low CO2 levels, automatically filling the chamber, sealing in freshness and flavor, and sealing out the possibility of mold, while keeping the contents safely stored from unauthorized access.

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Built in BC, using 12 guage stainless steel for the inner pressure vessel with drawer and 16 guage stainless steel for the outside covering with LED indicators for instant status for CO2 and power.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 21.25 × 8.75 cm